Modelis C/E680N_V400_UNGERS5
Galingumo tipas Elektrinis
Galia 3 kW
Matmenys 504x498x569 mm
Svoris 58 kg
Įtampa 400V/3/50 Hz
External head in AISI 304 stainless steel. Larger barrel and tube feeder, 50% to 80% extra capacity as compared with traditional meat mincers 32. Excellent mincing performance, thanks to a special design and the very small tolerance between worm and barrel. Easy to fit, sturdy head fixing. Easy and safe to clean; the head, the feed pan, the tube and the mincing group can be removed to be thoroughly washed, without any risk of damaging the machine. Start, emergency stop and reserve push-button commands are fitted with low tension (24V) NVR. Electrical parts are contained in an IP 56 rated water-tight box. Unger S5 cutting system: 3 plates, 2 knives and 2 rings made of stainless steel. Output: 750 kg/h. On request: special voltages, 60 Hz and stainless steel table with wheels.