Maisto gaminimo įranga

Elektrinė pusiau rifliuota kepimo plokštuma, iš chromo-nikelio
Modelis MKN_1321131A
Galingumo tipas Elektrinis
Galia 10.8 kW
Matmenys 800x700x850 mm
Įtampa 400 V/3/50Hz
Housing made completely of chrome nickel steel. Supra contact heating elements for optimal heat distribution and short heating up times. Greater heating capacity ensures even heat distribution and minimal temperature fluctuation when loading with cold food. A long service life is ensured by low heating element temperature and effective heat insulation. A safety temperature limiter for reliable overheating protection. Griddle plates with fat collecting drawer with splash protection. Appliance with two separate heating zones. Frying surface 700 x 560 mm. Main switch, thermostat, control lamp, safety temperature thermostat, SUPRA contact heating elements, mains connection, IPX 4.