Maisto gaminimo įranga

Dujinė viryklė
Modelis MKN_1363402
Galingumo tipas Dujinis
Galia 18.2 kW
Matmenys 800x700x850 mm
Gamintojas MKN Maschinenfabrik Kurt Neubauer GmbH & Co.
Housing made completely of chrome nickel steel. Moulded steel hobs tightly fitted to the substructure. Hob depth of 70 mm prevents the burning on of boiled over food. 2 x C-burner 3.5 kW each (front right, rear left) each, 2 x D-burner 5.6 kW each (front left, rear right). DN 15 (½") gas connection required. Atmospheric burner, ignition burner, thermoelectric safeguard, tap switch, manual ignition and temperature control. 4 Cast iron star shaped pan supports (350 x 275 mm).