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Elektrinė indukcinė viryklė 2 (skersinė)
Modelis MKN_10013249
Galingumo tipas Elektrinis
Galia 10 kW
Matmenys 800x700x850 mm
Svoris 95 kg
Įtampa 400V/3/50 Hz
Gamintojas MKN Maschinenfabrik Kurt Neubauer GmbH & Co.
The cooking panel with 2 zones of heating 5 kW each. The case is made of chrome nickel steel. The top surface of a plate welded without seams with cross-section drain flutes for easy cleaning. Electronic pan size recognition, already from 12 cm bottom diameter. Fast heat transfer, high efficiency. Heating power can be precisely adjusted for each heating zone in 15 steps by means of a position switch – one control lamp for each heating zone individually aligned for keeping food warm, simmering, frying and heating up fast. Ceramic hob 690 x 340 mm. Main switch, surface induction generator module 280 x 290 mm with control element, contactor, fan, mains connection, IPX 5.