Heated double trolley
Modelis M6074066
Galingumo tipas Elektrinis
Galia 0.8+0.8 kW
Talpa 120+120 l
Matmenys 1116x880x1418 mm
Įtampa 230V/1/50Hz
Made entirely of stainless steel with fully welded inner cabinet with pressed guides for maximum hygiene and easy cleaning. Large ball-bearing castors for easy maneuvering. The walls and doors contain at least 40 mm of polyurethane foam which provides excellent insulation. Long service life and low energy consumption. 12+12 guides for GN containers. Distance between guides: 80 mm. Capacity: 12+12 x 1/1-65 or 6+6 x 1/1-150 GN containers.